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It received production funds from AND (Asian Network of Documentary) FUND, Busan and the
distribution fund from the Thailand Ministry of Culture. It is a Thailand/UK co-production highlighting contemporary musical expression in Thailand.

Y/OUR MUSIC immerses itself in Thai musical genres, from the traditional to labor songs, and from classical pop to urban indie, spanning generations and locales. From the noisy streets of Bangkok to the arid fields of Isan, nine musicians reveal the juxtaposing environments that influence their sounds: the hands that play traditional instruments amid red dust clouds; the work songs hummed among rice awaiting harvest; and the indie music born of concrete basements - all create a melodious ecosystem that provides a stimulating sensory journey. Yet while inhabiting very different worlds, the musicians are linked by the same passion to bring their artistic aspirations to the fore and survive outside the mainstream.


The film had its s World premiere in Busan IFF selected for Wide Angle Program in October 2014. It had a theatrical release in Bangkok for 2 weeks in August 2015 and a premier in London in December 2015. It currently is still screening on the worldwide festival circuit. Bangkok Edge Festival will be a great opportunity for you to see this film in an outdoor setting. 

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