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Claire Keefe-Fox


Claire Keefe-Fox was born in Italy of French and American parents. Growing up between Europe and the USA, she has always felt a special affinity for Asia.


She has written three novels in French, Le Ministre des Moussons, L’Atelier d’Eternité and Le Roi des Rizières, but her latest novel Siamese Tears is in English. Three of her books have been translated into Thai. After four years as director of the Alliance Française for Thailand, she returned to university in Paris to complete her degree in Thai language and studies.


Bangkokedge sees the launch of Siamese Tears, a tale of the intrigues and dangers surrounding the Paknam incident of 1893 and the machinations of the French and the British seen through the eyes of a young half-French half-English woman of independent spirit. She will also lead a workshop on creative writing focusing on how to create fictional stories based on historical events: Historical novels - Become a Time Traveller.



"Have you ever wished you had been  courtier in Versailles at the time of the Sun King, walked the streets of Florence with Leonardo  or  discovered the glory of Kublai Khan  with  Marco Polo? 

Have you ever looked for a book that does not yet exist? 

Creating your own story enables you to travel through time and space and encounter those whose passions and actions shaped our present world.

All you need is a love of history and the words to weave yourself into it." 

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