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Charnvit Kasetsiri      

Charnvit Kasetsiri is a Professor Emeritus of Thammasat University, Bangkok. Born in 1941, he is a prominent historian and Thai Studies scholar. He has a BA from Thammasat, an MA from Occidental College Los Angeles and a 1972 Ph.D. in Southeast Asian History from Cornell University.

His thesis, The Rise of Ayudhya and a History of Siam in the 14th and 15th Centuries, was published by Oxford in Asia in 1976. He served as Lecturer of History at Thammasat from 1973-2001 and founded, in 2000, the Southeast Asian Studies Program. He has launched a ‘Siam not Thailand’ campaign to rename the country so as to reflect the reality about its ethnics, languages and cultural identities.


His latest works deal with questions of war and peace and good ASEAN neighbor relations, especially between Thailand and Cambodia. 

Charnvit has been awarded with a Fukuoka Academic Prize 2012, Japan, and the DCAS 2014 (Distinguished Contributions to Asian Studies) by the Association for Asian Studies, USA. 

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