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Michael Freeman   

One of the world’s most widely published photographers and authors on the craft of photography, Michael Freeman has had a 40-year career of principally documentary travel reportage, following an MA in Geography from Oxford University and a successful early career in advertising. He has been published in almost all major publications worldwide, including Time-Life, GEO and a three-decade relationship with the Smithsonian magazine. He has published 146 books, with 4 million copies sold, including many with River Books on subjects ranging from the Ancient Capitals of Thailand, through Ancient Angkor, to The Tea Horse Road from southwest China to Tibet. 68 of these are on the craft of photography, published in 27 languages, making Freeman the world’s most widely published author on the subject. His best-selling volume, The Photographer’s Eye, has sold over one million copies. In addition, he runs online courses in photography, including a Foundation Course ( and Perfect Exposure ( He also conducts photography workshops.

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