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Books and Film Launches Dome  18:30 - 19:15


Thai/English session

Why a film festival about climate change in Thailand? Because we face a high risk, high impact future. Thailand is one of 16 countries facing “extreme risks” of climate change in the coming 30 years, according to the IPCC. We are already seeing the impact of climate changes on every news outlet and social media platforms. Draughts, flash floods, wildfires, heaving rain falls and many other natural disasters are destroying our planet. But what we are also seeing are stories of how people in Thailand and all over the world are coming together to help fight climate change. Whether by choosing to live more sustainably, switching to a more eco-friendly business models or starting a project that helps our environments. These inspiring stories provide us with hope; hope that together we can make a difference and together we can stop these disasters.


Changing Climate, Changing Lives Film Festival 2020, or CCCL 2020, is the first short film festival of its kind that will showcase these interesting stories about how Thai communities are fighting and adapting to the impact of climate change in innovative ways. We are calling out to all aspiring filmmakers or anyone with a story to tell to come and join us! The festival will be a platform to help unite communities, bring forward inspiring ideas and start a conversation on how Thailand is confronting climate change. Come see us at our booth to learn more about our festival and how you too can be the change.

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