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Colin Cotterill 

Colin Cotterill was born in London in 1952. He trained as a teacher and worked in Israel, Australia, the US, and Japan before training teachers in Thailand and on the Burmese border. He wrote and produced a forty-programme language teaching series; English By Accident, for Thai national television and spent several years in Laos, initially with UNESCO. Colin became involved in child protection in the region and is still running social projects. 

All the while Colin continues with his two other passions; cartooning and writing. His work with trafficked children stimulated him to put together his first novel, The Night Bastard (Suk’s Editions. 2000). Since October 2001 he has written eighteen more books, the most popular of these being the Dr. Siri crime series set in Laos and the Jimm Juree mysteries set in Thailand. 

Colin has been a regular cartoonist for national publications and produced two Thai language translations of his cartoons. He also designs covers and illustrations. Colin lives in Chumphon in the south of Thailand with his wife, Kyoko. He rides his bicycle along the coast, decapitates coconuts, eats a lot of squid, plays with his dogs and occasionally sits down to write. 

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