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Sira Leepipattanawit


Sira is a Bangkokian who lives in a soi one and half kilometres from the nearest over-crowded bus stop. As a result he’s been obsessed with solving traffic problems from an early age, even going so far as wanting to run the public bus service. One day, walking home, he realised he didn’t live as far from school as he thought – it was just the bus was always stuck in traffic. Then 10 years ago he decided to bike to university near Tha Prajan without realising that the bike would become a central part of his life.


He gained a BA in Political Science, but came to work at the Green World Foundation in the hope that he could play a small part in making the world a better place. He still rides his bike and thinks Bangkok could be nicer than it is at the moment. He is currently developing a Bangkok cycle App in order to make Bangkok a more cyclable city. He is part of the panel Our Bangkok - How should it be?


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