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Sudha Shah


Her acclaimed book The King in Exile – The Fall of the Royal Family of Burma is the result of seven years of research and has been translated into Thai as Rachan Phu Plad Paendin, published by Matichon.


In the words of Amitav Ghosh: “The book was well worth the wait for it is an absorbing read. Exhaustively researched and gracefully written The King in Exile tells a story of compelling human interest, filled with drama, pathos and tragedy. The King in Exile heralds the arrival of a writer of non-fiction who is both uncommonly talented and exceptionally diligent. Sudha Shah is clearly an indefatigable researcher and in the seven years it took to write this book she seems to have spared no effort in exhuming the lives of King Thibaw, Queen Supayalat and their four daughters.”


In conversation with Emma Larkin, acclaimed author of Finding George Orwell in Burma, Sudha will reveal fascinating details about the last king of Burma.


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