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Veeraporn Nitiprapha


She landed a job in the advertising industry and enjoyed different roles from being a copywriter, art director, columnist and fashion stylist to magazine editor. At the same time, she also designed jewelry and landscapes, as well as coordinating for a UK-based music video production company. Thanks to her diverse interests and all-round cultural experience, 20 years later, Veeraporn made a stunning comeback with Blind Earthworm in a Labyrinth, which earned her critical acclaim and a number of accolades including the prestigious 2015 SEAwrite award.


Through intricate details of a modern lifestyle – which abounds with delectable cuisine, domestic life, joyful gardening, sweet jazz and classical music – the author looks beyond such a life of refinement to shatter the reader’s heart by exploring deep into the reality of heartbreak, death and despair that appears both vaguely and overtly in the stream of consciousness.


Rich with beautiful language and masterful narrative, the book displays a perfect blend of descriptive harmony and lyrical exuberance while avoiding futile, language clichés. Veeraporn will share her ideas and her inspirations with the audience at Bangkok Edge Festival.


At the festival she and Kamin Kamani with talk about The Blind Earthworm - Love and Illusion.





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